Letter from the President: Volume 1, Edition 1

Dear Valued Customers,

I trust this message finds you in good health. As we joyfully commemorate our 110th anniversary as a fourth-generation family-owned enterprise, I’d like to pause and reflect on our remarkable journey, sharing some exciting updates with you.

In 2021, our business underwent a leadership transition, and this month begins my third year as President and owner of Bosely Mouldings. Throughout the past two years, we have remained dedicated to “business as usual” while keenly assessing what has served our customers well. Simultaneously, we’ve explored areas for improvement, implementing incremental changes to processes, enhancing our technological infrastructure, upgrading equipment, and embracing a conscious effort to contribute to protecting our environment through our operations and product materials.

A Legacy of Excellence and Customer Focus:

For over a century, the Milton W. Bosley Company has been committed to delivering the finest architectural millwork products throughout the mid-Atlantic and far beyond. As the great-grandson of our patriarch and founder, Milton W. Bosley, I am honored to carry on this tradition and express my deep gratitude for your steadfast support. Our unwavering attention to detail, commitment to product quality, and focus on customizable offerings for orders of any size continue to set us apart from high-volume lumber companies. Additionally, our superior logistics enable us to turn custom projects around with unprecedented efficiency; catering to project-specific packaging and delivery requirements that have earned the trust of project managers and builders.

Modernization Through Technological Advancements:

Through deliberate capital investments and the utilization of local and federal grant programs for education, technical improvements, and automation, we have consistently produced incrementally superior work products. Despite industry-wide price increases of 30-40%, our commitment to staff and modernization efforts has allowed us to maintain pre-pandemic pricing over the past 3 years. These investments will undoubtedly enhance your overall experience as our valued customers.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Manufacturing:

As we embrace an era of heightened environmental consciousness, we recognize our responsibility to contribute to sustainability. Plans are underway to progressively shift our company towards environmentally conscious products and manufacturing processes. Our recent upgrade to a Cefla PSP 6 water-based system to support our lineal spraying and finishing process has significantly reduced our environmental impact, minimized waste, and enhanced the health and safety of our staff. Moreover, this not only elevates the quality of our finishing and priming process but also results in a substantial positive impact on the environment within and beyond our facility.

Partnership with Cambium Carbon:

In our ongoing commitment to responsible manufacturing and sustainability, we’ve joined forces with Cambium Carbon, a local venture startup, focusing on building regenerative local supply chains across the entire tree lifecycle. Learn more about Cambium Carbon and Bosley Sustainable and discover how we produce over 4,000 board feet of millwork monthly from locally sourced, never-harvested tree stock, sequestering tons of greenhouse gas each year. By using Carbon Smart Wood mouldings, you contribute to a 50% net reduction in CO2e, while at the same time investing in the local supply chain and contributing to a better environment.

These advancements not only impact our industry but also the communities we proudly serve. We remain dedicated to adapting and aligning our strategies with emerging trends to better support your projects and goals.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey and tradition. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue serving your needs with the same dedication, quality, and consciousness that have defined our family business for over a century.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, ideas, or feedback. Your input is truly invaluable to us.


Travis  S Ritter, President


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