Over 100 years of experience and expertise

Milton W. Bosley & Company is a fourth-generation woodworking company, founded in 1913 by the current Presidents' great-grandfather, Milton W. Bosley.

Our expert staff appreciates and understands the value of family, with an average tenure of 14 years.

Over 100 Years of Experience & Expertise

One of the oldest family-owned and operated manufacturing businesses in Maryland.

Bosley Mouldings' History & Reputation

From the very beginning, utilizing steam power to manufacture ornate picture frames, to a globally recognized designer of architectural millwork produced by state-of-the-art computer-controlled machinery, Bosley has been family-owned and operated.   

A century in the business has gained Bosley world-wide recognition as a leader in architectural millwork manufacturing,  inspiring architects and designers around the world to specify Bosley moulding in their projects.

Our attention to detail and understanding of our customers unique needs have established trusted relationships with major developers, contractors and homeowners, and our standards for quality and innovative design have resulted in award-winning projects for over 100 years.

Bosley Mouldings and Manufacturing

The Bosley Company has been located at 151 8th Avenue, N.W. in Glen Burnie, Maryland since 1969. This location on Saw Mill Creek is our manufacturing plant, where lumber is selected, graded, and processed into architectural mouldings. The building also houses management offices, a decorator showroom, and a full-service finishing department.

We stock many standard product mouldings for grab and go convenience, but are often called upon to match historical mouldings or design custom profiles for architects and designers. We can copy from a physical sample, a carbon copy image, or recreate from a sketch or CAD drawing. Our experience in the fabrication of custom moulding knives has resulted in thousands of inventoried profiles, and if you can’t find what you need, we’ll design a custom profile knife to match your specification.

We can manufacture in almost any species of wood, and even offer many of our profiles in Sustainable Carbon Smart Wood and Super Cut Pop, a double-ground high density MDF that cuts and works like wood at a value engineered price.

Our highest priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Our quality assurance program requires that we spend time and effort checking and rechecking our products’ quality throughout the entire production process. Moreover, Milton Bosley maintains strong longstanding relationships with our suppliers and shippers, guaranteeing timely and competitive delivery nationally and locally.

Travis S. Ritter

President & Founders’ Great-Grandson

” From our Scotch-Irish and German heritage, hard work and precision craftmanship is in our DNA. Four generations and 100 years later, little has changed, which is reflected in the quality of our products. Honoring Milton’s industrialist spirit, we continue to pursue new and innovative ways to improve our industry and customers’ experience, while at the same time remaining committed to our family’s mission, which is to exceed our customers expectation by delivering superior quality products, with precision and dependability. “

Bosley Mouldings' Inventoried Profiles

Please click on the button below to view our inventoried moulding profiles, also available in naturally-felled (sustainable) timber. Custom moulding profiles are also available.
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