Bosley Sustainables are derived from a new category of environmentally responsible hardwood, never harvested, locally salvaged, processed, and sold.

The Milton W. Bosley Company now manufactures architectural mouldings and millwork created from Carbon Smart Wood™. Whether a novelty for a homeowner, chain of custody requirements or to qualify for credits on a large commercial project, the source and location of your hardwoods are meticulously recorded.

We’re purposefully doing our part to help sequester GHG while also developing local regenerative supply chains… Join us in building a better world, where craftsmanship meets environmental consciousness!”

We’re doing our part… One tree at a time.


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Bosley is Rising to the Challenge

Bosley is proud to be a member of the Carbon Smart WoodTM

Challenge, a climate impact initiative that is transforming American supply chains by uniting domestic hardwood producers, companies, and cities to replace emissions intensive lumber with a sustainable and regenerative alternative.

By rising to the Carbon Smart WoodTM Challenge, we are building a circular economy model for wood reuse, while creating more resilient, transparent, and socially impactful supply chains.

Our goal is to have at least 5% of Bosley’s annual supply chain consist of Carbon Smart Wood this year with plans to grow this impact year over year.

To put this in perspective, this shift would result in a reduction of 1012 CO2e emissions. This is the equivalent of 113,898 gallons of gasoline or 2,511,697 miles driven.

View a recent Impact Assessment using Carbon Smart WoodTM in a 2,500 sq/ft residential new construction project.

Bosley Sustainable Hardwoods

Transform your millwork experience with Bosley Sustainable’s innovative product line. Over 50% of CO2e related to conventional lumber processing is attributed to transportation and traditional harvesting practices. Bosley Sustainable’s are changing everything, we’re rewriting the rules by repurposing locally salvaged hardwood from fallen urban timber waste.

Imagine the homeowner, designer, or commercial investor knowing their project’s crown moulding, accent wall, or decking was crafted from a 300-year-old hardwood fallen in a nearby park or trail. Beyond sparking engaging conversations, these timbers actively sequester tons of CO2e, diverting them from local landfills or incinerators. We meticulously track and inventory raw materials from origin to construction, utilizing Cambium Carbons’ Traece™ inventory management system. This ensures that your architectural products have a documented and traceable chain of custody from tree to trim. Moreover, as part of our commitment to sustainability, fallen timbers are replaced with new saplings through a proactive urban reforestation project. Opt for Bosley Sustainable and embrace a product line that not only elevates your space but also champions environmental responsibility.

We've Partnered with Cambium Carbon

We are proud to join Cambium Carbon as one of the only millwork companies in the world offering environmentally-friendly products made from Carbon Smart Wood.TM

Carbon Smart WoodTM is locally salvaged and sourced from trees that have fallen or been removed due to disaster, disease, development, or decay. Wood reuse has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the US by 251 million tons CO2e annually. That’s more than half of all emissions from automobiles in the United States (One Earth).

Carbon Smart WoodTM is locally processed, cutting down greenhouse gas emissions from shipping. Currently, if global shipping were a country, it would be the sixth largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions (OCEANA).

Carbon Smart WoodTM reinvests in local trees, with a minimum of 15% of sales profits supporting critical urban tree canopy restoration. Recent spatial analysis highlights tree restoration as the single greatest untapped opportunity for carbon sequestration in the U.S. Urban forests also reduce electricity use by 38.8 million MWh annually, saving consumers $4.7 billion and avoiding emissions valued at $3.9 billion annually (World Resources Institute).

A Recently Completed Project with Bosley Mouldings & Cambium Carbon

We believe that nature and business can coexist.

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36 Million

Trees fall in cities each year, more than all of the salvageable wood in U.S. National Forests! Our circular economy model is turning wood waste into new products and new trees:

Bosley Sustainable Countertops

Bosley Sustainable Countertops

Sustainable Moulding Profiles

Sustainable Moulding Profiles

Sustainable Design Collections

Sustainable Design Collections

Sustainable Wall Solutions & Wall Coverings

Sustainable Wall Solutions & Wall Coverings

Sustainable Ceiling Planks, Panels & Beadboard

Sustainable Ceiling Planks, Panels & Beadboard

Sustainable T & G Flooring

Sustainable T & G Flooring

Bosley Mouldings' Sustainable Inventoried Profiles

Please click on the button below to view our sustainable inventoried moulding profiles, all available in naturally-felled timber. Would you like to design a personalized moulding collection and market as your own? Click Here to Request Custom Moulding Profiles.
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