Wraps by Bosley Mouldings

Wraps by Bosley are the perfect choice for an economical, long lasting and uniform look when trimming those large rooms and hallways. Incorporating a laminate or veneer fused to a fiber substrate, Wraps provide a consistent, blemish free look at a fraction of the cost of stained wood. With no splits, knots or warps to worry about, the entire 8′ to 16′ long board is completely usable.

Wrap mouldings are available in most laminate colors and designs from all major manufacturers; Formica, Nevamar, Wilsonart, and Pionite.

Wraps mouldings are available in crown, chair rail, base, casing and trim mouldings in a wide variety of sizes and profiles.


Prefinished laminate wraps are economical and cost the same as a piece of painted wood*. The designer can now pick their choice of theme knowing that wood grains and paint cost the same. For hospitality, Wraps affords the designer to match and coordinate the color of the case goods with the moulding in the room.

*minimum quantities apply