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Manufacturing architectural millwork solutions since 1913.  Do not settle for equivalents… specify Bosley Moulding, your projects and reputation depend on it. 

For decades, Bosley Mouldings have been a specified standard in major hotel chains, casinos and living facilities around the world.  Whether you require stock moulding or custom designed profiles, our architectural millwork experience and reputation for quality, service and value engineering is unparalleled in the hotel and commercial hospitality industry. 


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Hotel & Commercial Solutions

Whether you require custom or prefabricated valance systems, decorative metal door coverings, or custom mouldings, we’ll design and manufacture precisely what you need, while at the same time work with your project team to engineer optimized room packages that reduce installation cost and waste. Call and speak with one of our consultants about your next project.

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Pennyweight Boston
Omni Shoreman
Waldorf Astoria
Omni Ft. Worth


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Bosley Mouldings' Inventoried Profiles

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